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People World Wide are learning Lap Steel Guitar with GeorgeBoards Instructional DVD's

People World Wide are playing GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitars

Norbert Saric Hamburg Germany

"I was playing within 15 minutes of watching my1st GeorgeBoards Instructional DVD".

Mike your Average Guitar Player

"I learned more in 20 minutes with GeorgeBoards Instructional DVD than in a year of Noodling with this by my self".

Tim - Got a band going Baby Boomer

"It is like having my own instructor sitting right across from me".

Richard from Australia

"I have always steered clear of C6 playing because, although I loved the sound, it always seemed too hard to learn. My son made me a custom lap steel for my birthday and so I purchased "Lap Steel Guitar 101" to "give C6 a go", I usually play a dobro with open G tuning. What a surprise! With the superb camera view and the easy visual and verbal instructions, I was playing along with the cool jazzy "A and F" tracks within minutes! I will now pursue my learning from further GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Products."

Arlie from Texas

"I have been a guitarist for 62 yrs [professional] and only now have I decided to play the lap steel, then after that, move on to pedal. On a whim I ordered the GeorgeBoards lap steel guitar dvd. I was amazed! In ten minutes I had it tuned[c6th] and within an hour was playing chords. I am 73 yrs old, and if I can do it, so can anyone that has a desire to play lap steel guitar. I've never entered a review for anything, but I would highly recomend this product to anyone!"


"There isn't a lot of instruction on six string c6 tuned lap steel out there, but, fortunatly this series seems to be a good one. I only have the Hank Sr. one, but am planning already to purchase the rest of George's stuff. This review is only for the Hank Sr. DVD and CD package. The lessons are presented well and get right to the point. Intro's, riffs and simple variations are clearly shown. The lessons are so well done that it's kind of deceptive just how much good information is being passed to the viewer.

Having a CD with backup music (with vocals!) is a real helpful bonus. The backup music is guitar and vocals with NO steel. The only other thing you'll need is a recording of the original Hank songs (But really, who would order this DVD that didn't allready have a Hank cd collection?)

All in all, an amazingly inexpensive, nicely done piece of work. Thanks!!"


"I picked up the Stealth at the PO this morning and have only one word to say about it: Wow!

I am excited as I was when I got my first real Les Paul in 1976- probably more so because that was not a particular good year for LP's.

My other steels are just tools- this lap steel is a real musical instrument! You just put the bar on it and it sings.

And thanks again for all of the goodies you threw in the box- they will keep me busy for a long time."


"The Stealth arrived today!

Everything is fantastic, the pickup sounds great.

Thank you very much for the included DVDs and the very quick delivery."


"got the steel!!! in love thanks!!"


"My Stealth #009(License to Steel) arrived safe and sound this morning. WOW! Looks great, sounds great, plays great. Your reputation for attention to detail is well deserved. I will take pics and post it on the Steel Forum in the next day. Thanks! I started playing it through a 1963 Fender Twin (blonde) that a friend lent me. OMG. "


"Got it!!! She's beeeeeaaauuuttttiiifffulllllllll! Thank you soooo much for the instruction CD's. And I love the fact that she (or maybe I should say "he") is 007!!"

You're the Best!

Stay in touch!


"She's here and she's beautiful :-) Thank you so much. It's perfect.

I'll be posting this on the forum.

It's so nice to have such an excellent, wellmade and well-loved instrument. This is going to be a real joy for a long time to come. Good luck with your continued endeavors... I suspect I'll be looking to your shop again!

PS, thanks very much for the instructional materials. Lots of good work to do :-)"

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