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SteelGuitarCamp is sponsored by GeorgeBoards
Dedicated to the educational aspect of Lap Steel learning.

Lap Steel Guitar Henry Kaleialoha Allen
Hawaiian Music Institute.
Learn to Play The Hawaiian Way.
This book is a great Teachers Guide Book for the Beginning Student.
It Contains Theory, History, Scales and Exercises, Songs.


Lap Steel Guitar

Jim Loessburg
An absolutely Great Pedal Steel Player , has Jazz Charts , Country Charts, Tabs, Hosts a Radio show that net streams featuring lots of classic steel playing. This is The Player to listen to, he is a featured performer with numerous artists.

Lap Steel Guitar One of the first and foremost steel guitar sites a Best Resource for all Steel Guitar Subjects.

Lap Steel Guitar

A great place to hang out - The Steel Guitar Network.

Lap Steel Guitar

Pedal Steel Guitar Products
Decade's of dedication to the steel guitar
Has the original Steel Guitarist Magazine

Lap Steel Guitar Steel Guitar Nashville
Nashville store for all things steel guitar related.

Lap Steel Guitar

Bradley Higgins a gifted instrument maker and creator of a B-String Puller
Bradly has played pedal steel with Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen on several occasions.

Lap Steel Guitar Mighty Fine Music
Hand made SS Hawaiian 10 string steel guitars
This masterpiece has exceptional attention to detail
A total must see !! Ricky Davis is an Excellent Player and overall great person.

Lap Steel Guitar

Lap Steel Guitar by Andy Volk -

This is "The Book" on Lap Steel Guitar - a must have for all Lap Steel Guitar Players and Enthusiasts.

Articles - Interviews on many of the Best Players -

Excellent Photos and Reviews of Classic and Vintage Lap Steel Guitar Instruments -

Full Color Section on Contemporary Instruments and their builders -

Lap Steel Guitar Resources, Instruction and Accessories.



Mountain SlidesRocky Mountain Slides




Lap Steel GuitarHawaiian Steel Guitar Association - Original Hawaiian Steel Club - Great Web Site and Newsletter

Membership is a must for All Hawaiian Steel Guitar Enthusiasts - Yearly Conventions and Concerts.


Lap Steel GuitarHollingworth Guitars Mermaid Beach Queensland Australia

This gifted maker has a awesome lap steel!





Denny's Guitars Steel Guitar Learning Check it out. Denny's Jazz Theory and Position Charts are awesome.

Slants 1

Slants 2

Slants 3

C6th Modes



Amazing Lap Steel Guitars Destined to become a leader in the industry Asher Guitars and Lap SteelsLap Steel Guitar




Amp Covers and more


Austin-Steel Guitar-COOP Lap Steel Guitar

Titanium BlockSteel Lap Guitars Titanium block and other titanium suplus available for immediate shipment.


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