Beautiful workmanship George, she's a star. -- Patrick -- England

She came today In One Piece!! Man.. what a beautiful axe.. I'm not worthy!!! Had a moment to hook her up and play a bit Sounds great.. I should dig my tweed bassman out! Thanx so much for everything.. The Cd's are great, what a bonus! You know I'll have to post my pleasure and excitement on the web! Thanks from the bottom of my heart She is such a wonderful addition to my collection! what a blessing Take care and keep up the wonderful craftsmanship -- Gene -- Arizona

"I have always loved the sound of the Steel guitar but have always assumed that it was too late to put time and effort into learning another instrument from scratch even though I've been playing guitar for around 14 years. I knew in the back of my mind that sooner or later I had to get a Steel guitar. My guitar knowledge combined with George's instructional DVDs really helped to get the ball rolling. His steel guitars are awesome! Everyone that sees it really freaks out especially when they hear those classic tones coming from my amp. Thanks George for a real work of art!" Mike -- Lexington, KY.

Believe it or not, it's here and it's beeeeeautiful! I called my post office, and it had just arrived. You are a genius. I just had a few minutes to play with her/them, but I love it and will enjoy playing with it for a long time to come. Thanks again! Mahalo! -Hernando

Hey George B.-- aint nothin cooler than a polar bear...Twins arrived yesterday safe and sound-ing great, and their legs got here today-- I'm good to go. I appreciate the Minor Basics lesson DVD--will be gettin plugged into it and all the others. Thanks for everything, many many thanks, Steve

Santa , my mailbox had an attempted delivery slip on Friday when I got home so you can guess who was first in line at the post office this morning. The guitar is beautiful ! I don't know if I want to mar it with legs and sockets . Wood and finish is flawless ; no runs , drips or errors . The whole design and layout is wonderful and your headstock/ tuning key design is way better compared to all other consoles I've seen. Placement of tone pots , perfect ! Tone is as you stated , no adjustments neccessary. Sorry , gotta run . You probably know where to. Oh , and the tuning is the right one for me also. Posting a tesimonial on the forum and leaving feedback at ebay. Kevin

I saw and heard George's beautiful instruments on his website and decided to give him a call. I explained that I couldn't really justify the expense at the time and inquired whether there might be a used or irregular instrument that could be discounted. George's kind response was to offer one at a very attractive price. Naturally I wanted to know what was wrong with it. George replied that absolutely nothing was wrong with it, but that I would have to see it to understand. (Red White and Blue With Stars) Not only am I now blessed with an instrument with a fabulous sound, but I get to express my patriotism and tell a good story as well. Sewa

Dear George, the "Duke" arrived this morning in perfect shape and condition. NO damages! WHAT A GUITAR !!!!!!! I really love it! Every detail! I am a little bit in a hurry now, because I will bring this beautifull guitar to a valued friend and customer - moreorless 'round the corner - who wants to buy the "Duke". Sincerely, Daniel -- P.S. It's pretty hard to give this "baby" away!

Hey, delivery was so fast the guitar was here before I even got a chance use the tracking number. It arrived earlier today. I was stunned, and I'm really grateful to you for making sure I got it so quickly. And what a little beauty the guitar is, and it feels and sounds so sweet! Thanks a million for including all those DVDs, I really appreciate it. On certain, very rare occasions you get a feeling that you made the right choice, that you went for exactly the right thing. This is one of those occasions for me. THANK YOU, & Aloha. /Niclas - Sweden

Hi George, My new lap steel is surely a joy. When I was choosing a color, the ribbon maranti was a winner until I saw deep purple. That color has a strong spiritual significance and, I have to admit, how can I forget the metallic deep purple hot rods of my high school days... Getting used to using fingerpicks is taking some doing but I'm persisting, and every single sound from this wonderful instrument is fun! Even the goofs are interesting. As I mentioned before, a rare genetic lung condition has completely disrupted my life. It was while looking to try a few overlooked adventures in life that I discovered that it was time for music! It was good fortune when I discovered the lapsteel, and a blessing when I found GeorgeBoards. Even if my lung ailment gets progressively worse, I'll have "Deep Purple" to "accompany" me. George, thank you for such a heart-warming creation. Peter Peter Cook, Jamestown, RI

Hi George, the lap steel arrived today, in one piece,- thanks! I've been sitting here playing it for a while now, first an hour unplugged (I always do that) and then another hour amplified. This is really really great,- exactly the sound I was looking for! Great sustain - as expected - and a very smooth nice tone.Thanks again, and take care! Steinar -- Norway

Hi George, I went for my lesson today and took the Georgeboard guitar with me along with a Fender Stringmaster double neck that I purchased recently. My 80 year old teacher liked yours better and so do I ! She's played all types of vintage and new guitars and kept commenting on the sound of the Georgeboard. "Wonderful" and "Beautiful" were the words she used. The words "kick *##" came to my mind but I refrained from using them. It's also a great looking guitar. She kept commenting on that too. The shape your using on these is great. -- Mark

Well she showed up right on time....I was ecstatic. She's beautiful and sounds like a dream, to me any way, what a luscious tone. after a quick tune up, and run to the guitar store for a new steel, I watched a couple of intros on the getting Started DVD section, and now I'm pulling off hauntingly simple melodies my first hour out on my new toned beauty. I played for 5 hours yesterday, I'm hooked and looking forward to my second lesson today..... She is truly one of a kind and I'd recognize her any where. Perhaps one day we will meet in person and I can shake the hand that created this little beauty. GeorgeBoards is truly functioning art. Thanks again! Dalton

Hi George, Enclosed is a picture of myself and my Red KOA Georgeboards Console. It is gorgeous to look at, and a joy to play. Words cannot describe the sound and tone this instrument has. Forty eight years of struggling and stumbling between guitar,dobro and pedal steel brings to mind the Jerry Byrd quote " If you know how to play, it doesn't matter what you play. If you don't know how to play, it doesn't matter what you play." The latter best describes me, but at least I'll look good with my GeorgeBoards. In closing, I would like to say thank you for your utmost effort to have a satisfied customer. Jay