GeorgeBoards - - Beginners Combination -- Lap Steel Guitar Lesson - 4 DVD's + 2 Audio CD's

This is the Best Place to Start Learning Lap Steel Guitar

Lap Steel Guitar 101 - Lap Steel Guitar Lesson - Instructional DVD Set Includes 2 DVD's Part 1 and Part 2 + 1 Audio CD
Plus -- The New Up Dated -- Book-1 DVD Course "How to get That Sound" with Audio CD Tracks
We have Added our "Picking Techniques" DVD
Special Discount Price $34.95 + 3.99 Shipping to USA
$14.00 Shipping to Europe - Canada - Australia
C6th Tuning - Low to High Strings - C_E_G_A_C_E

Combination Special !! You Get Both DVD Courses 3 DVD's - 2 Audio CD's + Picking Techniques DVD = 4 DVD's Total

Course #1 - Lap Steel Guitar 101 - 2 Full DVD's + 1 Audio CD Tracks

Course #2 - Book-1 How to get "That Sound" is a Full DVD + 1 Audio CD Tracks
Professor Boards Show You Everything On Camera No Paper Work Needed

Course #3 - NEW for 2012 we have added our "Picking Techniques" DVD

GeorgeBoards has Combined Our two most popular Beginners Instructions + Picking Techniques DVD
Special Discount Price all 6 Discs $34.95 + 3.99 shipping to USA
$14.00 Shipping to Europe - Canada - Australia

Europe - Canada - Australia

These DVDs are designed to play on your home television set on full screen with good audio and behave like rental movies.
Use your remote control to select the movies of your choice.
The pause, back up, and replay features of DVDs simplify the learning experience.

Lap Steel Guitar 101 is a favorite of Lap Steel Guitar students worldwide (Retail Price 29.95usd).

Book-1 How to get That Sound-favorite of Lap Steel Guitar students worldwide (Retail Price 29.95usd)

"Picking Techniques" is a Full DVD That Teaches You Many Secrets that the Pro's Use.

NTSC standard format. Plays in most international players.

C6th Tuning is the Same for Both 6 String Guitars and for 8 String Guitars
All of George Boards Instructions are both 6 String and 8 String Guitars

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