New 2008 UpDated GeorgeBoards - - Beginners

Lap Steel Guitar Lesson Instructional DVD

C6th Tuning - Low to High Strings - C_E_G_A_C_E

This is the Best Place to Start Learning Lap Steel Guitar

Book - 1 - Getting Started Playing Lap Steel Guitar

New 2008 Up Dated How to Get "That Sound"

GeorgeBoards Presents

Book 1 - Getting Started

 New 2008 Up Dated How to Get "That Sound"

This GeorgeBoards DVD is - 18 - One on One Instructions based on my lessons I teach to my Students at the Music Store Guitar Artistry in Ocean Beach California. We take the whole process down to a Molecule by Molecule approach that even the most Un-Trained Hands can Catch On to Right Away !

You only need a love for "That Sound" and the Drive to accomplish any level desired, No Previous Musical Knowledge is needed to master this DVD. You can be playing Lap Steel Guitar in no time at all and having a lot of fun learning too!

GeorgeBoards  New 2008 Up Dated Book - 1

This DVD Quickly and Easily gets you up to a proficiency in your Playing-Ability to Better Understand the other GeorgeBoards DVD's as well as the other more complicated courses available today.

How to Get "That Sound" course is a full hour - Action - Packed with more than a 18 Movies. We Start with the Open C Major Chord and teach the Right Hand which Strings to pick, many ways to pick and Techniques that Pro's use to get great tone and accurate tuning.

Next we go right to the D Major Chord and learn how to hold the bar and play in tune. I show you a EZ move on every chord position.

We go through Major Chords Learning their positions and at the same time learning some easy slides that sound great.

Minor Chords are learned too, each one with a few more extra great sounds and easy moves.

I show you a 2 note lick that will sound good for several different chords.

You will learn the 1 - 4 - 5 Chord Progression that many songs are based on.

After you have completed this DVD , try going back to the other GeorgeBoards DVD's and Your other Videos and Books, You will be amazed that every thing is so much eaiser now and at how much more you can do in such a short time. Because Now ... your hands know what to do!!

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You Get All 3 Disc's

1. How to get "That Sound" DVD

2. How to get "That Sound" Practice Tracks Audio Cd

3. Our New 2012 Picking Techniques DVD

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Lap Steel Guitar Lesson

NEW -- 2012

Picking Techniques DVD

Lap Steel Guitar Lesson

$ 29.95

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This DVD is NTSC Format only

many PAL international players will play this DVD

These DVD's are designed to play on your home Television set Full Screen with Good Audio and behave like rental movies with your remote control selecting the movies of your choice.

Let GeorgeBoards help you make the Transition to Lap Steel Playing.

We Teach You the tunings that the Pro's use and how to get the great sound.

New 2008 Up Dated DVD
Players View Camera - 18 new movies

Combination Special !! You Get Both DVD Courses 3 DVD's - 2 Audio CD's - Our New 2012 Picking Techniques DVD
GeorgeBoards has Combined Our two most popular Beginners Instructions
Special Discount Price all 6 Discs $34.95 + 3.99 shipping to USA-
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C6th Tuning is the Same for Both 6 String Guitars and for 8 String Guitars

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