Lap Steel Guitar Lessons Instruction on DVD "Combination Special" 4 DVD's - 1 Audio Cd with 10 Tracks

New Up Dated--Players View Camera Angle places you in the drivers seat

"Lap Steel - 101 -- 2 DVDs -- 2 Full Hours of instruction"

"Basics and Blues- 2008 DVD -- 55 minutes"

"2007 - Blues and Power Rock is Easier Than Ever DVD -- 55 minutes"

"2008 Blues Practice Tracks Audio CD -- 10 Tracks to cover all of these DVDs

You Get All 4 DVDs and 1 Audio CD with 10 Tracks - Flat Rate Combined Shipping Included

$ 34.95 usd withinUSA
Add $14.00 Shipping to Europe-Australia

The Best Place to Start Learning
Lap Steel Guitar   
New for 2007 -- 2 Full DVD's

Our Best Instruction To Date
The Camera View puts you right in the drivers seat

6 String Guitar Played!

C6th CEGACE -- low to high strings

No Previous Musical Knowledge Required
EZ and Fun every one can be playing right away

Recommended by:Norbert - Mike

Lap Steel Guitar Lesson 101 -- 2 DVD's generic label
George Teaches you Tuning-Picking-Muting-Slides-Harmonics-Scales-Positions-More!
Plus Steel Guitar Rag-GeorgeBoards C6th Version of this Classic Must Play Tune!

lap steel guitar instructional dvdsteel lap guitar instruction

New Up Dated--Players View Camera Angle places you in the drivers seat
GeorgeBoards Basics and Blues - 2008 Lap Steel Guitar Lesson

Our most Popular DVD
Minors Basics are included on this DVD

No Previous Musical Experience is needed to Understand these instructions

Basic playing techniques movies to get you started playing Right Away!!

The DVD contains several movies including:

1-4-5 Chords, 1-4-5 Angles (Slants) to get some 7th sounds.

3 Note Angle Melting Notes

Guitar Licks Pocket for some single note blues and power rock action

Country Lick that works for blues and rock n roll too

There is a Movie detailing Bar Control that the Pro's use to get the Great Sound.

C6th Tune Up movie that covers both 6 String and 8 String Lap Steel Guitars.

This Instruction will help you transfer your existing musical knowledge quickly to the Lap Steel Guitar -

lap steel guitar instructional dvdsteel lap guitar instruction

Lap Steel Guitar Lessons and Instructional DVD GeorgeBoards Method  Blues and Power Rock Are Easier Than Ever

This DVD/CD set is geared toward musicians (in particular guitar players) who would like to add some Lap Steel Guitar music to their repertoire.

Lap Steel Guitar Method has new camera angles, more detailed descriptions, and lots more technique.

The DVD contains movies that highlight and explain:
* How to get tuned up to C6th
* Which strings to pick
* Finger picking techniques
* C major scale in 2 pockets
* A major scale
* More pockets to change keys
* Blues Lick in A
* Power Rock Scale in key of A major
* Effects box possibilities of the Lap Steel Guitar
* Slide In and Bar Roll Rock Techniques
* Blues Scale 1
* Blues Scale 2
* Blues Exercises
* C major 7th chord
* EZ Angle/Slant
* Introduces the concept of Hammer-on and Mute in the Key of G
* Exercise on hearing "in tune"

Our newest DVD, Method 2009 Blues and Power Rock is Easier Than Ever is a favorite of musicians worldwide

lap steel guitar instructional dvd

Power Rock and Blues Leads are easy to learn
We teach you how to play the licks you already know on the lap steel.

You get all 4 DVD's + 1 Audio CD with 10 Tracks

Lap Steel -- 101 -- 2 DVD set

Basics and Blues - 2008

2007 Power Rock and Blues Method

2008 Blues Practice Tracks Audio CD --- 10 Tracks

Includes shipping - $34.95usd within USA
Add $14.00 Shipping to Europe-Australia

$34.95 usd includes shipping within USA-

Add $14.00 Shipping to Europe-Australia
$48.95 includes Shipping to Europe-Australia

All of GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitar Lessons can be learned with 6 string or 8 string lap steels

Let GeorgeBoards help you make the Transition to Lap Steel Playing

We Teach You the tunings that the Pro's use and how to get the great sound

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