This CDRom is a perfect way for a guitar player to stretch out into some lap steel playing. It is really easy to understand all of the licks and patterns because you all ready know what everything is on your normal instrument.

The Blues CD and it's friend The Jazz CD are excellent for both beginners and experienced players as well. They show you all sorts of lap steel sounds that would fit into the music you have already been playing for all of these years.

The majority of all the notes on these instructions can be played on a 6 string lap steel guitar. There are a few licks for the 8 string lap steel guitar also.

GeorgeBoards instructions are intended to help you find your own style of playing.

MultiMedia CD Rom plays in your Video Able Computer with Quicktime or most 4.5 and higher Browsers. This CD Rom has identical interfaces for both PC and Macintosh plus a HTML version to make these compatible with most modern computers.

This Item is now Up Dated to DVD

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