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Koa Top Super Sonic Lap Steel - Black Mirror Glaze - Blemished

Sold to a a Player in New York City 2003

Koa Top Lap Steel Featured on EBAY

$ 999.95usd Shipping Included within USA !!


My Personal Instrument


Koa Double 8 String

Gold Hardware

Lighted FretBoards


Still Available... October 2003!!


499.99 Shipping Included within USA !!

6 String Lap Steel Guitars

Great for Pure Hawaiian

Jazz, Rock N Roll

Slide Lead with Distortion

As of December 2002 all of these 6 strings were sold, and we are currently building new even nicer 6 string instruments. Please Email for current instruments in stock ,

Super Sonic 8 String Professional Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitars

Visually Stunning Figured Hardwoods

Quilted Walnut 1250.00 Shipping Included within USA

Sold !! September 2003

Flamed Koa 1350.00

Sold to a Player in Hawaii 2002

Australian Silky Oak ...aka... Lace Wood

Sold June 2003 !!

We Have Others .


GeorgeBoards Professional Lap Steel Strings

Lap Steel Strings Sets Single Strings


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