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In addition to fine instruments, GeorgeBoards has an extensive collection of Lap Steel Lessons for the C6th guitar on DVD, DVDs, APPS, On-line versions. We offer sets and packages of multiple titles for discounted prices. GeorgeBoards also provides many Lap Steel accessories like strings and parts. Along with repalcement parts, we also offer templates and parts for those who would like to build their own Lap Steel Guitar. New for 2019 GeorgeBoards is offering a selection of CNC Artistry Plaques and Bar and Picks Boxes from quality wood and finishes similar to those on our Lap Steel Guitars.


2024 GeorgeBoards™ RetroFit completed Kits for sale on Reverb and eBay

retrofit kit complete

NEW ! Flying Saucer Knobs - 2 - Fits RickenBacker and 1/4" solid shaft 3/8 long Pots 3D Printed GeorgeBoards™ (Black and White)

For sale on Reverb. Click photo for link.

flying saucer knobs

flying saucer knobs

For sale on Reverb. Click photo for link.

flying saucer knobs

flying saucer knobs

Roller Nut Fits Gretsch 5700 for Palm Pedals Steel Slide Lap Guitar for upgrades & DIY Builds 3D Printed GeorgeBoards™ (Black or White)

For sale on Reverb. Click photo for link.

roller nut for palm peddles steel

roller nut for palm peddles steel

Replacement Bridge Only Rickenbacker 4" wide Low Profile 8 -7-6 String Pandas for Upgrade and DIY Builds GeorgeBoards™

For sale on Reverb. Click photo for link.

replacement bridge rickenbacker low profile steel

Replacement Bridge Only Rickenbacker 4" wide Tall Profile 8 -7-6 String Pandas for Upgrade and DIY Builds GeorgeBoards™

For sale on Reverb. Click photo for link.

replacement bridge rickenbacker tall profile steel

GeorgeBoards™ Brass Angle Replacement Nut and Bridge fits Imports for Upgrade and DIY Builds Raw Cut - Brass Angle 2.25" & 2.5"

For sale on Reverb. Click photo for link.

brass angle replacement nut and bridge

Replacement Nut 2.25" and Bridge 4" Long fits some Rickenbacker NS - 100 -105-pandas for Upgrade and DIY Builds Black Tough PLA C6-A6 Spacing Nut 11/32 3D printed - .038 - .014 or similar gauges. (Black and White)

For sale on Reverb. Click photos for link.

reverb georgeboards steels replacement nuts and bridges

reverb georgeboards steels replacement nuts and bridges

New 2022 Online lessons with downloadable Practice Tracks and PDF tabs. GeorgeBoards™ More Good Stuff to Know with Tips for Jamming on your C6 Lap Steel.

The passwords and id's are hand written for every order and may take up to 48 hours from date of purchase for us to get them out to you.
We try to email to you within a few hours if possible.

$9.99 Online. No shipping.

GeorgeBoards™ Personal Collection Lap Steels now for sale on Reverb

reverb georgeboards steels for sale

reverb georgeboards steels for sale

reverb georgeboards steels for sale




New Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVDs and Lap Steel Guitar Lessons For SaleCombination Special !! You Get Both DVD Courses 3 DVD's - 2 Audio CD's - 1 CDRom
GeorgeBoards has Combined Our two most popular Beginners Instructions
New Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVDs and Lap Steel Guitar Lessons For SaleSpecial Discount Price all 6 Discs $34.95 + 3.99 shipping to USA-Add $14.99 Shipping to Europe-Canada-Australia

For Both -- 6 String & 8 String Lap Steel Guitars

Special - 4 DVD + 1 Audio CD's Combination $38.94 includes Shipping in USA -
Add $14.99 Shipping to Europe - Canada - Australia

Lap Steel -101  - Basics and Blues --  Power Rock   + Audio CD with 10 Tracks - Generic Labels

Special - 12 Disc Combination $63.98 includes Shipping in USA
Add $14.99 Shipping to Europe - Canada - Australia
New - UpDated Titles Generic Labels

D String DVD
D String On Top -- NEW 2012 Instructional DVD and Lap Steel Guitar Lessons

New Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVDs and Lap Steel Guitar Lessons For SaleLearn A Song We Now Have Several Songs For Sale $9.99 per DVD

"Some Where Over The Rain Bow" "It Had To Be You" + "Crazy" -- "The Girl From Ipanema" -- "MoonGlow" -- "SomeThing"
"Song Of The Islands" -- "Hawaiian Wedding Song" -- "Steel Guitar Rag" in Open E Tuning -- "Blue Hawaii"
-- "Bye Bye Black Bird"Generic Labels


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GeorgeBoards History

GeorgeBoards made it's first Lap Steel Guitar in 1994. This Lap Steel Guitar was a basic copy of a Magnatone WaterFall Lap Steel Guitar Design. Soon after GeorgeBoards began to design their own Lap Steel Guitar body. Having played Pedal Steel for a few decades prior to the GeorgeBoard adventure we are friends with many pedal steel makers and as a general rule all pedal steel people are very friendly to one another. Ron Lashley at the time, was the main force behind the Emmons LeGrande Pedal Steel Guitar, among the finest pedal steel guitars ever designed. His generosity welcomed the giving of his 22.5" scale directly from his computer program he had developed to GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitars. We began experimenting on a Fret Board. The Magnatone Lap Steel Guitar had used a Plexiglas fret board design and we were already going after that 1950's look and sound so we tried the plexi idea. The Very first GeorgeBoard Lap Steel Guitar has a Plexiglas fret board with black pin stripe lines from an auto parts store used for the fret lines , literally stuck on the bottom of the plexi on a visual from the Magnatone Lap Steel Guitar as the pattern to go from, amazingly it works!!

GeorgeBoards made a few tracings from a National and a Rickenbacker lap steel guitars and created the "Proto Type" Design. We had a Pattern Jig Created for our home router and I cut all of the lap steel guitar body's in the back yard , At that point we had a machinist Create a 8 String Nut and Bridge System made entirely of Brass. GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitars became aware of machining language and the concept of dividing an inch by 1000. Before that time I had used a tape measure from the garage. In a parallel universe we were also creating the GeorgeBoards Super Sonic 8 String Custom Lap Steel Guitar Pick Up.Patent Pending. GeorgeBoards joined forces with Lindy Fralin Pickups of Richmond Virginia to Re Create the Ultimate 50's Sounding 8 String Lap Steel Guitar Pickup. Lindy Fralin Pickups send us the Alnico Magnets uncharged we make the plexi top and bottom plates and glue the magnets into the plexi which we refer to as a "Bobbin. I was getting the plexi cut at the plastics place all rectangle and the hole drilled on mills. We used calipers to get the distances.

The Bobbins are then returned to Lindy Fralin Pickups and they perform their Magic while winding the Secret Formula of wire gauge thickness, winding length core density and gauss. By creating the perfect magnet placement for the associated Brass Roller Nut and Bridge System GeorgeBoards has achieved a unique sonic quality that exceeds the clarity and tone of the commonly used commercial mass produced pedal steel guitar pickups. Next the pickups are dipped in hot wax to defeat the microphonics. The finished pickups are then shipped to GeorgeBoards for installation on the Super Sonic 8 String GeorgeBoard Lap Steel Guitar.

GeorgeBoards made about 10 of those "Proto Type" lap steel guitar models that can be distinguished by the All Brass Roller Bridge and Roller Nut System utilizing a 3/8" roller. Additionally we sold 6 other lap steel guitar Proto's with another roller system made of 3/4" brass turned down to .700 flattened to .625 and turned on the super lathe to the same exacting depth and spacing as we use on our super sonic lap steel guitar instruments. These few rare lap steel guitars sound really good and play really nice too, They all now live in nice loving homes.

At GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitars we are fortunate to have relatives who are wood cutters in Hawaii. On several trips to Maui we have obtained nice quality Koa with Figures and Flames for use on our lap steel guitars. Over the years GeorgeBoards has created 10 Koa Lap Steel Guitars with an Exclusive One Piece Top Plate of the "Kind" Koa with Flames. As I type this paragraph 5-3-2004 I have just sold the last single Koa Lap Steel Guitar. There are now the Pair of Opposite Identical Twin Lap Steel Guitars with the most heavily figured Koa One Piece Tops. These Extreme Works of Art are Edge Bound with 4 layer Maple inlay bindings. We now await the future owner of this Magnificent Set of Lap Steel Guitars.

05-03-2004 GeorgeBoards has just released our most recent Console Steel Guitar ,

09-03-2008 Wow it's been a long time since George Mr.Boards has updated this Long Winded Story!!

A lot of lap steel guitar water has gone under the bridge - so to speak. From April 2004 to March 2006 GeorgeBoards ramped up production to 80 lap steel guitar console necks in the 2004 series to made into both Double Neck and Single neck instruments. In the 2005 series GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitar Console was upgraded to having the control potentiometers on the leading side to provide a shorter distance from the picking hands fingers to the controls for quick action.

At the introduction of the 2005 series lap steel guitar consoles GeorgeBoards upgraded the brass roller bridge and nuts; we had been using 3/8" round bar stock and discovered that at microscopic levels of measurement the bars were not round. The GeorgeBoards lap steel guitar is precision made and we can split an inch into 1000 divisions making every tiny detail an important reality. The grooves for the smallest gauge strings are .005 deep so that the top of the string is upbove the top of the roller pin, this makes the lap steel guitar able to allow the player push or pull off of the open position with no "Clank" from hitting the Nut.

The answer was to take 1/2" bar stock and lathe it down to 3/8" to tighten the roundness to witnin our .002 tolerances. After turning the bar to precision round it is then grooved and finished out. Once the brass pins are done at the CNC Lathe Shop then the intense finish is done by hand at our shop. The pins are sanded with 600 grit and then micro buffed with micron abrasves starting at 600 and graduating down to 3000 grits, the final buff out is done with compounding polishes at 2 more levels to mirror shine. This entire 6 step process takes 30 minutes per brass pin. A GeorgeBoards lap steel guitar values this extra fine detail in their precision quality control.

This upgrade of the Brass Pin increased our raw material cost from 4 dollars per pin to 15 dollars per pin that equalls a 52 dollar cost. GeorgeBoards lap steel guitars absorbed this cost and did not pass the expense to the final list price that has remained the same from 1994 --- 2008.

2006 -- another 80 lap steel guitar consoles were milled with all of the best upgrades.

On the Lap Steel Guitar side of GeorgeBoards -- we like to call them Hula Bodies -- The Brass Pins and top parts we call String Receivers and Nut Trays fit both the Hula Body style and the Console style.

2004 we produced 80 Hula Body lap steel guitars, 2005 we produced 80 Hula Body lap steel guitars, 2006 GeorgeBoards produced 80 Hula Body lap steels.

June 2006 George Mr.Boards Retired and relocated from Sandy Eggo California to an Original Land Run Homestead in the Hills of NE Oklahoma. All of the Remaining GeorgeBoards lap steel guitar consoles and lap steel guitar Hula Bodies relocated too in various states of completion.

September 2008 Mr.Boards is finishing out the last of the GeorgeBoards lap steel guitar consoles and Hula Boys lap steel guitars. As of this posting 9-3-2008 we have 1 Hula Body at DISCOUNTED PRICING and several Private Reserve Stock lap steel guitars made at Museum Quality for sale. We have 6 lap steel guitar consoles at DISCOUNTED PRICING and several Private Reserve Stock lap steel guitar consoles made at Museum Quality for sale.

Once the remaining series 2008 lap steel guitar consoles and hula bodies are sold we will re-evaluate our standing in the current market place and determine the future plans to continue making precision Retro 50's Lap Steel Guitar Consoles and Hula Body's.

GeorgeBoards foward focus is on our Instructional DVDs and Lap Steel Guitar Lessons for begining lap steel guitar players. We currently have 8 titles for sale both on this web site and through our network of professional sales sites including -- --

12-29-2017 -- My How time fly's.
The latest news update is; 2012 GeorgeBoards went back into production of Console and Lap Steel Guitars here in Oklahoma. We located a company with CNC Router and made a lot more GeorgeBoard Instruments.
In this effoert we made and sold another 200 instruments made from Poplar - Walnut - Birch - Alder - Sepelle - and a few other exotic hardwoods.

In 2014-2015 we built our last run of Lap Steels I made 15 pieces of 6 string lap steel guitars with P90 pickups designed for over hand bottle neck Open E or D tunings. We made a few super ones in laminated superior Walnut with loads of extra goodies like multiple Edge Bands - super finishes and much more coolness.

On the 8 String Lap Steel Guitars we produced what I call the Great Hurrah.
The basic story is; I had been saving up a lot of exotic KOA and Walnut wood for the Some Day , well that some day was 2014 - 2015.
I made about 36 of my best of the best with the exotic Woods - My latest Nut and Bridges we had CNC Milled by a retired Lockeed Martin Machinist, teamed them with a new modern run of my original Single coil super pickups.

As of 12-29-2017 you can see photos of many of the Great Hurrah Steel Guitars at the top of this page.

I made new plexi acrylic top and bottom plates with 3/8 mgnet spacings and got together with Tom Brantley Rewinds to make comtemporary versions of the original Lindy Fralin Designed GeorgeBoards Custom Overwound Single Coil Pickups.
Tom Brantley was one of the Fralin Employees that did the winding for my originals. He went on to form his rewind service and my pickups are good as ever.

George Mr.Boards has retired from Wood Work one more time for the last time, -- Ha. He is starting to age out and now is entering his 65th year on earth, still has some health and stamina remaing. He went through some serious health conditions and came out the other side in pretty good shape -- all is well.
The Oklahoma Land Run Homestead has run it's course and provided 12 wonderful years of seclusion and success. We are now selling out and Relocating to New Mexico to Retire once again. I still have about 35 lap steel guitars that are my personal Great Hurrah Colletion. The plan is to sell them all to ease into the retirement.

Up Date June - 2021 Mr. and Mrs. Boards managed to sell out of our Land Run Homestead, providing 3 family's with new residence and futures.

All of the work shop areas are long gone and replaced by enchanting high desert landscape and sunsets in every possible shade of pastel.

We arrived here in 2018 , with a few dozen guitars to help the retirement idea.
It worked , I now , 6-2021 have 2 Great Hurrah's and a few of my original super lap steel guitars.
These for sale on our reverb shop linked at the very top of this home page.

We found a college with a superior quality STEM focus.
They have a super work shop for product and idea developing, lots of big boy tools including CNC wood table.

Across these last 3 years we have once again Re-Educated ourselves.
The CNC Design Soft Ware, Translation Soft Ware from CAD to CNC the CNC operations Software.
We now can control every aspect of our designs to manufactured final product. Made in USA.

I have micro managed every separate program for each individual GeorgeBoard Lap Steel Slide Guitar.

I am able to sell these design - cnc programs in various formats , from Franchise to full Buy Out.

We are current looking for folks who want to get a serious Slide Lap Steel Guitar Business going.

The GeorgeBoards Story 2021 -
George Mr. Boards purchased all of the existing Museum collectors Lap Steel Guitar I've made over the last 25 plus years.
They are for sale on my reverb shop here and linked at the top of this page.

We sold the Company, GeorgeBoards™, to my living trust, and the company is for sale as described above.

So as far as the now Vintage Collectible GeorgeBoards Slide Lap Steel Guitars for the Stars what few there are remains are all that are going to ever be made again.

On the Educational Side of GeorgeBoards
Mrs.Boards we call the Brain has repackaged our numerous Instructional DVD Lessons into - On Line Streaming Versions - ITunes App Versions and some Android Versions. You can find links to all of these over on SteelGuitarCamp to view our Apps DVDs On-Line Streams and YouTube Videos and Educational C6th lap steel guitar lessons.

Our new Educational web presence is SteelGuitarCamp Please visit SteelGuitarCamp to view our Apps DVDs On-Line Streams and YouTube Videos and Educational C6th lap steel guitar lessons.