New 2012 Series Console Steel Guitars

Here is the foam sample we used to check our calculations before we cut out the wood.

Foam sample

These are the 1st 3 Production Sample Blanks

We have a New 1 Size Fits All Pocket Designed to House Most Currently Available S8 Pickups.

Increased Distance from the Nut to the Low String Tuner Key. This gives more room for Open to 1st Fret Playing.

Raw Blanks on the Drill Press Ready for Tuner Holes – There is enough space to accommodate Full Sized Tuners with Large Buttons such as Imperials.

The Head Stock is precision designed for the Most Direct Nut to Tuner String Pulls Possible.

Adding the Base coat for the Best Sounding Color — I am going to be blowing this one out at 1/2 price – below my cost to make to generate some quick cash flow, Deposit Invited !

These Mill Samples are made from Tulip Poplar
Each Body is Pre-Drilled for 3 Flanges for the Legs — Single 8
In the Near Future we will have Double 8 Triple 8 and Quad 8 Models each will have 4 Legs.

#2 Production Sample — Translucent Blue — base coat without any clear coats –Yet !

Getting more done

This Pink Search for the Cure will be Auctioned with a Charity Donation.

Closer to done.

The all natural now has a Koa Highlited Control Cover and soon to be custom colored fret board.

The Black Beauty  has a Star Fret Board with Chrome Lines and Art Deco Pick Guard.

The Blue Chrome Hot Rod , has a color coordinated Star Fret Board with Chrome Lines,  It matches up nicely to the Deep Translucent Blue.

I’ve already tested the scale to fret board intonation.

It is incredible, chimes out perfectly on Frets 3 -5 – 7 – 12 –  19 – 24

This Black Beauty Star SOLD 3-2012

New S8’s FOR Sale 3-9-2012


March 21 2012


We sold the Blonde Beauty Star , it’s on the way to Canada. WE sold the Walnut Relic – it’s on the way to England. The Blue Chrome Star is here and for sale 3-21-2012.

There have been requests for hardwoods done in clear coats. – Here are some Walnut T8 and D8 for example. I can also re arrange them to make a S8 and a Q8.

Here is the Bottom Pictured S8 completed and in Action

Here is a S8 For Sale Priced LOW !! $599.99 + $50.00 usd shipping within USA– It is set up for use with a Foot Volume. April – 9 – 2012

This S8 is our Search for A Cure Cancer Guitar Sponsors include GeorgeBoards           Re Ranch Paints

April 12 -2012 We are CNC cutting another 6 Walnuts and 3 Maple S8’s here are #1-2 both deep figure super grain.This Maple S8 is currently For Sale directly from George MR.Board for $699.99 usd + $50.00 usd shipping within the USA — International Shipping 125.00 EMS Where available.

Bottom holes for leg sockets and Deluxe Tuners Installed — May -1 -2012

Do It Your Self Body Blanks – Flamed Maple – May 2012 – Long Scale 26″ or for shorter scales with Palm pedalsI sprayed water on them to give an idea of how they will look with clear finish.