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Maui Style Hawaiian Steels

Australian Silky Oak

"Henry Kaleialoha Allen"

8 String Model (Sold June 2003)

New 2003 Henry Kaleialoha Allen Models

Koa Bridge , Brass Roller .360 Spacing

Control Pots are Right There for Extra Fast Access

8 Pole Hawaiian Koa Pickup Wound by Lindy Fralin

Laser Cut Exact Spacing of Magnets Under Strings

Extremely Clean Sound , Brilliant Highs and Lows

CNC Designed Head Stock

Grover Tuners , Brass Roller Nut

Lathed To Exact Spacings of .330

Single Neck Models Utilize 3 Legs

Laser Carved Plexiglass Hula Dancer Fret Board

Frets are CAD Calculated and Laser Carved

"Ron Lashley" gave me this 22.5" Scale

GeorgeBoards Professional Lap Steel Strings

Lap Steel Strings Sets Single Strings

New 2003 Henry Kaleialoha Allen Models


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