GeorgeBoard Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar 8 String

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This incredible handmade instrument has the cleanest tone and most incredible sustain available today.

This One of a Kind work of Art is made of Koa Wood from Maui.

This Koa is known as Compression Curl, completely unique Triple Grain, It is heavily figured at the tail, has a Knot in the middle and straightens out at the Head.

These amazing instruments are made in San Diego, California.

This single neck is truly a One of a Kind work of Art, that plays music too. The Rollers pictured are Aluminum, GeorgeBoards also has brass and stainless steel rollers if you prefer. Precision Milled to .360 spacing and are cut to exacting depths to create a more smooth plane on the top side of the strings.

CAD Laser cut pickups with exacting tolerances place the Alnico Magnets directly under each string and include a Koa Trim. These single coil 8 pole pickups are designed to give that Sound of the 50's. Each one is Dipped in Hot Wax to reduce microphonics.

This model is set up to go directly to your volume pedal or amp.

Lindy Fralin winds the pickups resulting in the Premium Sound of a GeorgeBoard. Lindy is featured in Stewart McDonalds guitar supply catalogue.

The Bright -Work runs along the front of the guitar.

Each GeorgeBoard is CAD, CNC Shaped from a Plank created by laminating a piece of Exotic Hardwood to a piece of premium mahogany, which stabilizes the natural warping or movement of the wood. The headstock graduates inward for each tuner giving direct string pulls over the roller to the tuning pegs, increasing sustain and intonation.

Grover Tuners are the Standard.

The front roller is Precision Milled to .340 spacing , and Exacting Depths to create a smoother plane on the top side of the strings.

GeorgeBoards has the Privilege of having gotten the Fret Measurements for this 22.5" Scale from the Late Ron Lashley, maker of the Emmons Le Grande Pedal Steel.

CAD Laser Carved frets and markers on the Plexiglas fret board are positioned with the aid of alignment pins placed within .002 tolerance. This guitar plays super in tune, the Angle Bars are accurate , and clear.

Dan's New GeorgeBoard came equipped with Hula Dancer Position Markers Laser Carved, and a Really Cool tiny little light bulb to light up the The Girls in the dark .

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A GeorgeBoard will provide an outstanding contribution to any collection.

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