New Koa Top Lap Steel

Dexter Yamamoto from Oahu has got the Right Stuff

He purchased this One of a Kind Work of Art with all the trimmings

Custom Pelican Case Completely WaterProof Travel Vault

Camera case foam lined with Black Velvet

Will go down to 30 meters no problems

The Strings stay alive much longer

Pretty Cool !! This is Figured Koa from Maui , a one piece top

Control Pots, Tone up front and positioned for quick action during a song

Gold Grover Rotomatics are both smooth and beautiful

Hula Dancers mark the fret board

The clear plexiglas allows the awesome wood to shine through

A deep clear coat finishes out to a mirror look over the heavily figured Koa


Congratulations to Dexter

Now This is what I am Talking About

GeorgeBoards World Class Hawaiian Steel Guitars for the Stars


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