Lap Steel Guitar Instruction Video on DVD "Sleep Walk "

DVD VIDEO C6TH TUNING by GeorgeBoards - "Sleep Walk" These instructions are taught on a 6 String Instrument.

This DVD is designed to play on over 400 DVD Players and Drives. We have both NTSC standard playable in the USA, Canada and Japan Plus PAL Standard version for Europe and other World Zones. To make sure, please send an Email with your Exact Brand Name, Make and Model number of your DVD Player/Drive. Check the List of Compatible Drives.

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GeorgeBoards has released the New DVD of our Version of Sleep Walk. We have received numerous Requests for this Tune, and this is it, with 6 Movies Plus.

We show you several ways to play the Intro Lick, A few versions of the Melody Line, A really good lick to transition into the Bridge, You Learn the Bridge with single and double notes, and more licks to get back to the Head of the Song. I show you how to make up your own licks from all of these positions.

There are Movies detailing both Bar Control and Right Hand Picking Dexterity that the Pro's use to get the Great Sound.

Included is a C6th Tune Up movie that covers both 6 String and 8 String Lap Steel Guitars.

These DVD's are designed to play on your home Television set Full Screen with Great Audio and behave like rental movies with your remote control selecting the movies of your choice.

Let GeorgeBoards help you make the Transition to Lap Steel Playing.

We Teach You the tunings that the Pro's use and how to get the great sound.

Professional Lap Steel Strings

GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitars for the Stars

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If you are new to lap steel I Recommend going with a 8 String Instrument whether you purchase it from GeorgeBoards or any other maker. It is actually easier to learn on a 8 String and you get a much broader range of notes, chords, and scales. All of GeorgeBoards Instructions can be learned with 6 string or 8 string lap steels.

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