GeorgeBoard Super Double 8 String Hawaiian Steel Guitar

Koa Wood, Linear Tone and Volume Controls, Gold Hardware, 4 Legs

Priced at $1950.00usd, Discounted from $2500.00

World Class Hawaiian Steel Guitar

This outstanding handmade instrument has the cleanest tone and most incredible sustain available today

This One of a Kind work of Art is made of Red Hawaiian Koa

These amazing instruments are made in San Diego, California


This model, One of only 2 in the entire world, has all of GeorgeBoards best efforts

One piece of Hawaiian Koa Super Wood is bonded to Premium Mahogany with Beautiful Side lines

Then it is off to the CNC Mill to be drilled and Sculpted

The rest is still done by hand

Deep Coats of Cab Acrylic Lacquer and Micron Polishing are used to get that Mirror Glaze


The front and rear rollers are Precision Milled

Exacting Depths create a smoother plane on the top side of the strings.

Best spacings for all angle bars and hand techniques


Grover SuperRoto Tuners

Inlay Bright Work

The Brass Roller system gives a natural sustain that lasts for several seconds

With the aid of a distortion effect pedal you will rock your band's world

Perfect for Jazz or Rock N Roll as well as Hawaiian music styles


The tuners are positioned with extreme detail

Each string comes directly to them,

Better Intonation and Sustain.


GeorgeBoards has the Privilege of having gotten the Fret Measurements for this 22.5" Scale from the Late

Ron Lashley, maker of the Emmons Le Grande Pedal Steel

Precision Laser Etched Fret Board

Excellent Intonation

Accurate Angle Bars

This guitar comes with a little light featuring the frets and

Dancing Hula Girls late at night!


GeorgeBoards currently provides Steel Guitars for the Students of the Hawaiian Music Institute of Maui, Hawaii. Master Player / Builder George Piburn has played and demonstrated his One of a Kind works of Art in over 30 countries. These instruments are First Class and are intended for Professional use. A GeorgeBoard will provide an outstanding contribution to any collection.

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