Cherokee comes with 3 CDRom's to hold all 12 of the movies.

#1 Has the Tune Up movie, GeorgeBoards plays along with the Backing Track, We Break down the Lead line.

#2 Shows how to incorporate the lead line into your chords on both the Lead line and the Bridge parts. Cmaj. 7th Chord sound, Angle Bar passing chords.

#3 Single Note Melody and Solo position where you can play straight forward and how to play single note Melody/Solo Chimes, also a nice pedal steel sounding lick that plays over the bridge part of the song.

#4 Is an Audio CD Backing Track that plays in a normal CD player.

The majority of all the notes on these instructions can be played on a 6 string lap steel guitar. There are a few licks for the 8 string lap steel guitar also.

$24.95 usd Shipping Included within the USA

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