GeorgeBoard Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar - 8 Strings Price - 450.00 usd

!This Guitar has been sold, sorry about that folks!

Fear Not, Georgeboards has other second hand instruments starting at 450.00 usd E-mail for questions.

The World's Finest Hawaiian Steel Guitars
This incredible handmade instrument has the cleanest tone and most incredible sustain available today.

This One of a Kind work of Art is made of African Bubinga,
commonly known as African Rose Wood, on a Poplar back.

These amazing instruments are made in San Diego, California.

This Lap Steel was made in 1999.

One day at a back yard party gig the guitar player a personal friend and great artist saw this Lap Steel and literally took his strat off in the middle of the song and said, I'll trade you straight even for that steel.

3 months ago I get a call from this same fellow, he tells me that he has never played it and the Lap Steel has been hanging on the wall the whole time, and did I know any one who might want it to play?

GeorgeBoards traded back the strat which had been on their wall also and now this Wonderful Lap Steel is for sale to you.


This is a really pretty Lap Steel Guitar.

The Single Coil pickups are designed to fit the exact string spacings resulting in the strings going directly over the Alnico magnets.

The sound is more professional and pure.

When played through a fuzz tone this guitar will

Rock Your World with unending sustain that will cut through the rest of the lead players.


Lindy Fralin winds the pickups resulting in the Premium Sound of a GeorgeBoard. Lindy is featured in Stewart McDonalds guitar supply catalogue.

The pickup is connected directly to the output, this is perfect for the use of a volume pedal, you get the full power of the pickup with no resistance from on board volume and tone control pots. All adjustments would be done at the amp.


The bridge is machined from solid brass with really cool little slots for quick string changes. The Sustain is super long on this guitar. Tone on this model is fairly bright and extremely clean.

The rollers on all GeorgeBoards are milled to exacting depths to create a smoother plane on the top side of the strings.


Grover Tuners are the minimum standard.


The front roller nut assembly is solid brass as well.

The string trees hold the middle strings down on the roller adding sustain and preventing buzzes.


The fret markers are printed under the fret board.

GeorgeBoards has the Privilege of having gotten the Fret Measurements for this 22.5" Scale from the Late Ron Lashley, maker of the Emmons Le Grande Pedal Steel.


This GeorgeBoard is a solid piece of Premium Poplar, a very stable wood that ranges from white through shades of green with purple mineral lines, bonded to the Bubingua top.


This wood is fairly light in weight and is very portable, perfect for gigs and casual playing.


GeorgeBoards are hand made and each guitar is personally signed to the individual player.

This guitar was signed to Chuck Dickinson in 1999.

GeorgeBoards prefers to leave this signature rather than refinish the instrument. It is possible to remove the signature, but would increase the final cost to you .

The point of offering this Lap Steel Second Hand is to give you a great price and to have it played.

For additional information please E-mail

A GeorgeBoard will provide an outstanding contribution to any collection.

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