Blues #2 Power Rock

GeorgeBoards Presents

New Blues #2 in B Minor / Power Rock

On this CD Rom we are using a Minor Chord Tune to Learn some new sounds and Great Positions to hit a lot of Super Blues Licks. The Chords and Single Notes are Clean and Low Volume to start out, then climb in distortion. GeorgeBoards will show you how to use single notes scale licks to play in Chord Positions. We take some of the elements from the 1st Blues CDRom and Expand them into the Minor Realm. The Majority of Licks are able to be played on a 6 string lap steel guitar and there are a few licks for the 8 string guitars too!

$24.95 usd Shipping Included within the USA

Melting Lick

Universal Lick Position

Guitar Licks

Super Crunch

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