Poplar Blank with Lap Steel Parts # 1

  • Poplar Blank with Lap Steel Parts # 1
  • Poplar Blank with Lap Steel Parts # 1

This is the 1st. of many new GeorgeBoard S8 KITS in our 2012 Console Form.

George MR.Boards has done it again - after so many requests for a reasonable priced - professional Single 8 Lap Steel Guitar KIT we have one for your project.

You can use your hand battery drill and a 10mm bit for the tuner holes. No Advanced power tools required.

This KIT Includes:
1 Full Sized GeorgeBoards Console Body with control cavity all CNC Milled to handle Full Sized Pots and plenty of room to add switches or other electronics.
1 Control Cover Plate Laser Cut to precision fit the control pocket with 2 pre-cut holes for full sized pots.
1 Round Brass Rod 1/2" diameter for the Bridge.
1 Flat Bar Brass 3/16" thick 1-1/4" tall = 1/2" tall NUT.
1 --23" Scale Peel N Stick Fret Board.
1 GeorgeBoards String Spacing Template with String Gauges shown to help you create your nut and bridge.
1 Set of 8 Sealed Housing Tuners.
1 piece of wood to help affix the bridge unit if needed.

The Fret Board has registration lines for centering and for exacting placement of the Nut and Bridge. You trim to fit as you like.

If you want to upgrade the tuners or other parts, no problems - just add money and stir.

Email for out of stock items.