GeorgeBoards Arrives at the Texas Steel Guitar Association Jamboree 2002.

We are pleased and honored to have been invited to participate in this years show. The entire association from the Norris Family, Producers of the festival, to Derrick Duplessie the 13 year old next best player were completely wonderful people.

Texas Steel Guitar has it's roots in Non Pedal playing and all of the Seasoned Masters, Hall of Fame Members, and other Featured Artists offered their Expertise in a Thorough Testing of the"One of a Kind" works of art.

World Class GeorgeBoards Hawaiian Steel Guitars.

Listen to the Best Playing of Texas Steel Guitar Association Masters as they Play GeorgeBoards KOA Double 8 Hawaiian Steel Guitar.


Speedy West Godfather of Steel Guitar

Living Legend, Grand Master of Ceremonies

Holding a GeorgeBoard Hula Body 8 String Lap Steel


Maurice Anderson is the 1st chair concert Master. Great Person, Super Player, Innovator, Hall of Fame member.

Plays the KOA Double 8 GeorgeBoard Hawaiian Steel



Buzz Evans is from Las Vegas Nevada and is a Master Player and includes Jazz in his styles.

Plays the KOA Double 8 GeorgeBoard Hawaiian Steel


Billy Robinson plays an absolutely beautiful piece incorporating super angle bars, and brilliant execution of the pedal sound achieved by pull-bending the string with the middle finger from behind the bar.

Playing the KOA Double 8 GeorgeBoard Hawaiian Steel


Chuck Lettes is clearly a gifted Artist. His excellent hands find super chimes and exibit Mastery.

Plays the KOA Double 8 GeorgeBoard Hawaiian Steel